May. 5th, 2012

therizinosaur: (Gimme dat I wannit)
As you may or may not know, this year I attended my very first Botcon with my roommate Saeru and my girlfriend Dirge! We sold a lot of painstakingly handcrafted merchandise, saw some cool things, met and hung out with some awesome people-- and last but not least, indulged our collective inner Dirges and BOUGHT STUFF.

And hands-down the most precious of all the things we brought home from the con with us was a clutch of Puggleformers!

While the rest of our acquisitions were carefully packed away in the back of Sae's van for transport, the Puggleformers refused to be shut away from the adventure of going home. So they all piled into the front seat with me-- or should I say, on me?-- for the trip back to STL.


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