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POLICIES and stuff:

Warning Policy:
Warning Policy:

I will to the best of my ability try to warn for content that is widely considered to be triggering. I consider respecting triggers more important than preserving my plot, so trigger warnings may spoil elements of the story or chapter at hand. Please be aware that warnings for the whole story may be incomplete or outdated, so please see specific chapter headings for up-to-date warnings on the content in that given chapter.

If you have encountered triggering content in one of my stories please let me know what it was that triggered you so I can adequately change my story/chapter headers to accurately reflect the content!

Please be aware that some older stories were written before I instituted this policy and may contain triggering or unpleasant content that isn't suitably warned for. Again, please feel free to let me know if you feel triggered by something I've written so I can make changes to the story headers to give warning.

Additionally, all stories will come tagged with an MPAA rating, which will give an approximation of the maturity level of the content regardless of the specific warnings.

Feedback Policy:
I love feedback! Who doesn't love feedback? Any comments I get on any of my entires will be savored and you can rest assured that I was overjoyed to receive them. Concrit is gladly welcomed--I know I'm not perfect, and appreciate every chance for improvement. Anon commenting is ON (I think), but it is a privilege and this is my journal, so I will turn it off again if it's being abused to attack me or other people.

Please keep in mind, though, that the majority of what I post are drabbles or one-shots, or complete stories I've broken up into 'chapters' because they won't fit into one entry--that is, works that are already complete. Errors in mechanics will be corrected when pointed out, but any suggestions made in regards to the direction the plot is going or major characterization issues will not likely be addressed in the story itself (although I will certainly take them into account the next time I write that character). Thanks for understanding!

Flames will make me sad, but as I respect your right to express yourself, they'll be left up. Deliberate trolling or completely irrelevant comments will probably be deleted.

I am going to do my damnedest to keep the system of tags on this journal simple and intuitive, which basically amounts to no silly, random, or gratuitous tags. I want to make it easy to navigate around through my stuff and find what you are looking for! So that's the plan.

Any posts containing written content--drabbles, stories, or chapters of longer stories--will be tagged by either the fandom (fandom: _____ tags) or the universe ('verse: _____ tags), depending on whether it is fanfiction or original fiction.

Photostory posts will be tagged with both the photostories tag and the tag(s) of the fandoms of the characters involved in that specific episode.

Art posts, should I happen to start making those, will be tagged like the photostories, with their own tag and the tag of the appropriate fandom/'verse.

The meta tag is used for essays and the meta discussion of fandom things; entries will be tagged with the appropriate fandom, as well. Should I start doing meta posts for my original universes, they'll be tagged with the tag for the 'verse in question and a worldbuilding tag.

The questionably content tag is used for posts like this. Anything that's not actually creative content like writing or whatever, or includes announcements or behind-the-scenes bits or things like that, will be grouped under this tag.

Hopefully that's straightforward enough!