Dec. 26th, 2010 05:30 pm
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Some drabbles, written on request. Just silly little things~ They're supposed to be smutty, but most of them aren't explicit.

Cyborg Blackout/Soundwave, for Saeru

Soundwave treasured silence... )

Swindle/Dirge, for ...Dirge

Swindle was a businessmech... )

Jazz/cassette!Blackout, for Amanda

Blackout scowls... )

Con!Jazz/Prowl, for Amanda

Prowl was pinned. )

Feel free to comment with a pairing (and a prompt, if you've got one) if you'd like to make a further request, I guess? THESE WERE KIND OF FUN.
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Title: Just Deserts
Fandom/'Verse: Transformers (IDW), Transformers: Animated, and Transformers (2007)
Rating: NC-17, baby
Summary: Blackout and Megatron work together to give Dirge what he deserves.
Word Count: 5,843
Notes: Based on characters as played in the LJRP Axiom Nexus. Primaxian indicates an origin from one of the G1-based canons (in this case the IDW comics), Malgian is Animated, and Tyran indicates movie-verse. Magnum is an alias of Megatron's.

Plug-and-play and tactile. Kinks include threesome, dubcon, bondage, gagging, and delayed overload (orgasm).

Gift fic written by request for Dirge's mun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIRGE-MUN~

Megatron, Dirge reflected sourly, could be an annoyingly difficult mech to find sometimes. )
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Title: Matchmaker
Fandom/'Verse: Gundam 00 and Transformers 2007, extrapolated from dramadramaduck canon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mikaela knows it's not her Tieria's thinking about when they have sex...
Word Count: 3,154
Notes: Porny porn porn. Threesome, contains toys and pegging.

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Title: An Unexpectedly Interesting Competition
Fandom: Transformers 2007
Rating: G
Summary: The Seeker Jetfire and his protoform charge Starscream watch a competition at the Seeker Trials. Pre-war.
Word Count: 2,327
Notes: Pardon my dust--I'm just doing a little world-building here~ Relatedly, babySeekers are fun to write.

C'mon, Jetfire, *please*? )
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