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Aster ([personal profile] white_aster) wrote in [personal profile] therizinosaur 2012-01-15 03:33 pm (UTC)

!! <3! :D Oh god, so much information given in such a non-expositiony way! I can see the Stunticon dynamics, and their personalities, and showing that--showing why Breakdown is having such a hard time beyond the simple "he lost his gestalt", SHOWING why that is such a huge, hurty thing for him--by going through their rooms was GENIUS.

Also...i am not sure how to feel about Blackout! Or any of them, really. He and Knock Out are Not Nice Guys, by any means, but I have to feel bad for both of them in certain ways. Knock Out because he's so vulnerable, and Blackout because I think maybe he might have been kinda lonely on that base, left to his own devices because he wasn't one of the gestalt.

I have feelings! <3! Great chapter!

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