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Aster ([personal profile] white_aster) wrote in [personal profile] therizinosaur 2011-12-24 12:12 pm (UTC)

I guess saying that I'm not usually a Knock Out fan isn't quite true. There's just some interpretations of him that I'm not particularly interested in...lemme put it that way. :P I love parts of him (the snark and confidence that lets him to go utterly toe to toe with Starscream in the scheming bastard category being one of them), and you just hit all of those so well. :D

Aaaand yeah, perhaps Knock Out should have backed down, but man that must be a hard line to walk: you can't back down too soon or you get seen as weak, but yet you don't want to piss someone off enough to get squished. And you have to figure out where that line is with EVERY MECH you deal with. I don't envy him that at all.

I'm really enjoying this! Thanks for sharing it! :D

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