Dec. 7th, 2012

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So this November, I was incredibly lucky to be selected as one of the winners of Cally Karishokka's puggle commission lottery. I was super excited to be able to bring more Puggleformers into my life, especially since they could be whoever I wanted!!

But even more excited than me was Sunstorm, the Puggleformer hatchling I brought home from Botcon. She's* spent the past few days trekking all over the house, visiting our other Puggleformers and making sure everyone knew exactly what she was so pleased about.

Well, yesterday I came home from some errands to find that she'd made it out to the mailbox before me, and dragged this little prize inside.

More pictures inside! )

All Puggleformers are made by the Puggle Goddess herself, of course~. Her stuff is awesome and we're really lucky to have so many in the house. Thank you, Cally, I love Blackout and Scorponok so much, they're perfect!

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