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Yigg says THANK YOU!

This post was originally written for the forums, but I figured why not mirror it here?

Two months and ten days ago, I brought home my very first ball python. I've been keeping herps for about 4 years, so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into; the herps I've been keeping are crested geckos, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Oh, I did my research, of course-- grilling store staff about the snake's eating habits and history before I brought him home, getting his tank set up before the big day, getting advice from a friend who keeps snakes, the whole she-bang. I totally thought I was ready!

I was not ready.

The past two months have been an interesting ride as I've worked on getting Yigg's set-up optimized-- and as Yigg has worked on putting on weight. See, my poor little dude came from a big box pet store (I know, I know), and he was a measly 78 grams when I took him home.

Yigg, day 1.

In the past two months he's been eating like a machine, and as of his last weigh-in he officially hit double his initial weight-- he's at 156 grams!! His body condition is finally starting to reach a place I'm happy with, I think his tank is getting close to a place HE'S happy with. About three feedings ago I successfully switched him over to rat pinks and there has been a significant and noticeable difference in his size since then. Yay!

He's shed twice already since he's been with me and I wouldn't be surprised if he pops again soon. We're still having trouble with his sheds, but I'm sure that's a humidity issue. (My AcuRite is in the mail and should arrive this week!) Fingers crossed shed #3 will go a lot more smoothly than #1 and #2.

Yigg, just after his first shed.

Anyway, before I rattle on or get all mushy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU on behalf of myself and Yigg. I started browsing this forum within the first week of keeping my little man and it quickly became my go-to resource when I was having questions or issues with him. (Daniel1983's thread on the shedding process was a lifesaver, and Deborah's advice on setting up hides that he actually likes was a winner too.)

Yigg's viv, most current picture. The hides are clear plastic plant pot saucers, so I had to bury them in his substrate, but I think we both like the effect. Not pictured: the AcuRite coming in the mail and the extra foliage I haven't had a chance to buy yet.

Thanks to you folks, I think Yigg's progressing a lot more quickly than he would have had I simply bumbled around on my own or gone by what I found in my first cursory research forays online. The advice you have accumulated here is in-depth, explicit, and all-around fantastic. I appreciate all the work you all put into curating this knowledge and sharing it with newbies like me! I look forward to many long years with my noodle (and I'm already daydreaming about the next BP I'd like to acquire x3)!

So one last time, thank you, and here's a few last pictures to wrap up!

There were a couple of days in a row where I kept finding Yigg crammed up between the screen top of his cage and the acrylic panels I put in there to keep heat and humidity in. Given that this was during the period where he and I were fighting over the f/t rat pinks, I think he was just hungry. Silly dude!

I put him on my GF's desk and he crawled up onto Carnivac here completely unassisted. All ready to ride into battle, I suppose! This is my most recent photo of him and he's finally starting to show some of the BP chub. I couldn't be happier-- although he could possibly use a little more heft yet?

If you got this far, thanks for reading!