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Nellasaur ([personal profile] therizinosaur) wrote2012-12-07 12:54 am

[PHOTOSTORY] Pugglefamilies

So this November, I was incredibly lucky to be selected as one of the winners of Cally Karishokka's puggle commission lottery. I was super excited to be able to bring more Puggleformers into my life, especially since they could be whoever I wanted!!

But even more excited than me was Sunstorm, the Puggleformer hatchling I brought home from Botcon. She's* spent the past few days trekking all over the house, visiting our other Puggleformers and making sure everyone knew exactly what she was so pleased about.

Well, yesterday I came home from some errands to find that she'd made it out to the mailbox before me, and dragged this little prize inside.

"Open it, open it!" she begged, and what could I do but oblige her?

Her new friends were packaged very safely, but (with a little help from me), she wasted no time in getting the bag open...

A wary grumplenut Blackout emerges!

Grumpy-looking fellow he may be, but he tolerated her exuberant interest and was more than happy to let her help him out of his ribbon.

He was even happier when she rolled the egg out of the bag for him. Little hatchlings can get places bigger Puggleformers can't, of course!

They both had a good hard listen at the egg. It was definitely ready to hatch, but it needed a little help.

Blackout wasn't saying whether Scorponok was, ahem, his or not, but that didn't stop the little guy from cuddling right up to him... and immediately starting to take liberties with Blackout's personal space, too. But Blackout seemed incredibly tolerant of the little hatchling climbing all over him.

"Come down here and let me have a look at you!" Sunstorm demanded imperiously-- she is a Seeker, after all, even if she's a small and Puggle-y one.

I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen her this happy. I can tell that she's going to be great friends with Scorponok-- and I have a sneaking suspicion that Blackout's adopted her already.

I couldn't be happier with my new little Puggle family, and I don't think Sunstorm could either.

*Yes, she. Don't ask, don't ask.


All Puggleformers are made by the Puggle Goddess herself, of course~. Her stuff is awesome and we're really lucky to have so many in the house. Thank you, Cally, I love Blackout and Scorponok so much, they're perfect!