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This post is to archive all of the stuff I write that's worth linking in one place!

Stories are separated into fandom (for fanfiction) or universe (for original fiction), and include links to where the actual piece can be read, as well as some pertinent information. Almost all fics have expanded warnings or notes on the actual page. Unless noted otherwise, links go to the Dreamwidth post containing the story. Stories are categorized roughly in chronological order of writing, though the pre-DW stuff is shaky. Incomplete works from pre-DW weren't included.

If the archive is not up to date, tags can be used to locate more recent postings! If you're looking for meta or world-building posts, they can be found through the tags as well. Feel free to drop a comment if you're looking for something and can't find it!

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Been practicing with the 'bots and the camera on my phone in preparation of doing more photostories at some point. I took this sequence working with Mirage in one of the labs on campus and thought it was too cool not to share even without the context of a story.

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Hello, fellow Dreamwidthers! If you're reading this, chances are you already know me already, at least peripherally, but I shall introduce myself anyway! I go by Nella or Nellasaur, and you kind find me under that name on both LJ and Plurk!

I mostly plan to use this journal for writing stuff--fanfiction and original fiction, any interesting academic pieces I want to share, metadiscussions, anything like that! I won't lie, most of the reason I'm concentrating it in one journal is so I can tag comprehensively, haha. I'm still ticked it took me so long to start tagging on my LJ.

Uhhhh I have no idea what else to say here, haha. I don't want to go on and on about me, mostly since most of you know me at least somewhat already, and I intend to keep RL stuff off the journal and mostly on LJ, so.... Uh.

Watch this space, I guess? I'm gonna try and collect links to fic and stuff from my LJ and the other places I've stashed it online so people can find it easy.

And uh, that's it. I seriously can't think of anything else. Haha, so lame.
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