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So this November, I was incredibly lucky to be selected as one of the winners of Cally Karishokka's puggle commission lottery. I was super excited to be able to bring more Puggleformers into my life, especially since they could be whoever I wanted!!

But even more excited than me was Sunstorm, the Puggleformer hatchling I brought home from Botcon. She's* spent the past few days trekking all over the house, visiting our other Puggleformers and making sure everyone knew exactly what she was so pleased about.

Well, yesterday I came home from some errands to find that she'd made it out to the mailbox before me, and dragged this little prize inside.

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All Puggleformers are made by the Puggle Goddess herself, of course~. Her stuff is awesome and we're really lucky to have so many in the house. Thank you, Cally, I love Blackout and Scorponok so much, they're perfect!
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As you may or may not know, this year I attended my very first Botcon with my roommate Saeru and my girlfriend Dirge! We sold a lot of painstakingly handcrafted merchandise, saw some cool things, met and hung out with some awesome people-- and last but not least, indulged our collective inner Dirges and BOUGHT STUFF.

And hands-down the most precious of all the things we brought home from the con with us was a clutch of Puggleformers!

While the rest of our acquisitions were carefully packed away in the back of Sae's van for transport, the Puggleformers refused to be shut away from the adventure of going home. So they all piled into the front seat with me-- or should I say, on me?-- for the trip back to STL.


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So I was in my room, busily packing for a trip, when I hear a sound remarkably like someone clearing his throat behind me. I turn, and who should I find but Mirage.

Who proceeded to remind me that sometimes, I can be a giant jerk. )
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Note: I sincerely apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos in this. I neglected to make sure they were all okay when I was 'on location', as it were, in Toronto; by the time I sat down to actually assemble the story, it was too late to reshoot. Similarly, I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors--I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow, and wanted to get this out before I did~
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Unfortunately for Mirage's intentions, and probably fortunately for the state of my room as not a war zone, whatever plans Mirage may have been formulating got thoroughly interrupted, as it was time for me to move out of my dorm room. This involved a lot of organizing and cleaning and, of course, packing up the contents of the shelf.

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When we last left our little robot friends, Mirage was moping on my bedside table about the fact that there were about half-a-dozen Autobots trapped with an equal number (or more) Decepticons up on the high shelf in my dorm room. Actually, 'moping' is misleading, and probably not fair to Mirage--this was hardcore brooding going on.

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Mirage is proving himself to be a shy and skittish thing, which I can't honestly say I blame him for--I think I'd be pretty skittish too, if I'd been stuck in a death-pit for Primus knows how long. He sticks close to me, though, hanging out on my nightstand--

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Been practicing with the 'bots and the camera on my phone in preparation of doing more photostories at some point. I took this sequence working with Mirage in one of the labs on campus and thought it was too cool not to share even without the context of a story.

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Today, I went and hung out at my dad's apartment for a while. I needed him to look at a couple of things in his car, and while I usually don't mind hanging out at Dad's garage while he works, it's fucking cold today. So I stayed at the apartment, and got my work on.

...Of course, this proved to be boring as heck for my trusty companion this weekend, Jazz.

Be warned--lots of photo behind here. )

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