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Okay, so it goes without saying that I was really disappointed with the Transformers Prime episode “Orion Pax, Part 3” this past Saturday. I was a bit vocal about it over on Tumblr—thank you to everyone who responded in kind, BTW, it’s good to know I’m not alone! What I have not been very vocal about, at least not anywhere but Plurk and in private conversations, is my overall disappointment with this entire story arc. I enjoyed each successive episode in the S2 premiere less than the ones that came before it, and the conclusion of Part 3 just left me feeling deflated and sad.

I’ve already seen people calling for, speculating on, and planning AU fix-it fics, which is a great way to deal with disappointment in the way a favorite show handles something! But, to be completely honest, I’m not interested enough in Optimus Prime as a character or Optimus/Orion and Megatron as a duo to devote mental time and energy to writing fic about them, even if it’s a story I want to see told. (I barely have enough mental juice to handle “Mercenary Medicine” right now, and Knock Out is basically my spirit animal, so that should tell you how hard it’s been for me to find the time and/or motivation to write lately.)

So here’s what I’m going to do instead: I’m going to talk about what I expected out of this story arc and how the events presented at the end of last season made me feel these expectations were reasonable. I’m going to break down the premiere episode by episode, scene by scene, and talk about what I thought worked and what wasn’t successful—what I liked and what I didn’t, and why—and a little bit about what I would have done differently had I been in charge of crafting this particular Transformers story.

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Ever since I wrote that meta-essay on gender and female-ness in Transformers, the concept of model-types has been preying on my mind. If femme is only one model type out of thirteen, what are the other twelve? What sociocultural significance, if any, do they have? Physiologically speaking, what even is a model-type?

Despite having many, many better things to be thinking about and doing, I found myself absorbed by the problem. It was certainly a challenging one. After all, there is already a “canonical” system of model types in place for Transformers: Prime. The show has already introduced a version of the original Thirteen Primes as created by Primus to help battle the Fallen, and word of god would have us believe that extant Cybertronian model types are derived from the Thirteen. At first I thought my task would be as easy as examining the in-show art depicting the Thirteen, determining their model types, and naming them.

It wasn’t that easy.

Almost none of the scant few in-show images of the Thirteen show all thirteen of the Primes at once, and none of them offer a particularly good look. Researching the Thirteen further as they’ve been presented in other canons revealed a lot of Primes that I wasn’t interested in using as prototypical model types, mostly because it would conflict with things I’d already established (or planned to establish) as part of my fanon in “Mercenary Medicine”. (The best example of this is the gestalt Prime, Nexus. Gestalts are a result of Decepticon technological innovation during the course of the war in my fanon, and so using Nexus Prime as a prototype for a model was out of the question.)

In the end, I set aside the Thirteen and concentrated instead on developing a system based on the designs of characters in the show. I separated the characters out roughly by size and by alt-mode, ending up with eight little clusters corresponding to what I had been thinking of as model type. Using that as my foundation, I went to work putting together a system that satisfied my personal insistence on “biological” soundness while still remaining recognizably rooted in what we’ve seen over and over again in canon.

It’s taken a lot of effort—and a lot of input from other people—but I think I’ve finally got something I’m happy with. So without further ado, allow me to present my fanon on the thirteen Primeverse model-types.

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So [personal profile] hellkitty made a post asking for people's thoughts on femmes/female Cybertronians and their roles and treatment in both Transformers canon and fanon. After spending an evening agonizing over thinking about it, I think I've finally banged out what my fundamental headcanon is concerning femmes/female Transformers, at least when it comes to TFP. Obviously, this is only my own opinion and applicable to my own fanon, and your mileage may vary.

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Trophy Girlfriend Syndrome:
Relationships as Rewards in Action-Adventure Movies and Why it Pisses Me Off

Recently, my roommate and I saw Captain America. It was a fairly entertaining action-adventure movie, and I didn’t regret having spent my time on it. When the roommate and I were discussing it after the fact, I really only had one major complaint: it could have done without the romantic subplot.

This is something I’ve found myself saying about action-adventure movies a lot recently. My otherwise positive perception of Thor was significantly impacted by the unnecessary and awkward romantic sub-plot, and my strongest reaction when I walked out of Transformers: Dark of the Moon was “Fuck Carly.”

Now, I could rant on and on about the dearth of respectable female characters in action-adventure movies. I could rail about how you can have a strong, interesting, complex character as a star or co-star of an action-adventure flick and have her be female. This is fertile ground for that sort of anger, and I have no doubt I’d be recapitulating sentiments expressed a thousand times by a thousand people more eloquent and educated than I. It’s a very real problem in Hollywood, this perception that only guys can be badass action stars, and it needs to stop.

But I was talking to my roommate about my reaction to Captain America and I realized that as much as I could rant about the female presence in these movies, there’s something else that bothers me just as badly as lackluster female characters, and that’s gratuitous and poorly written romantic subplots.

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Thanks for reading.
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"Wow, that was tingly!"
On high-grade energon and intoxication in Transformers

Srs bsnss tl;dr by Nellasaur, age 21

So various experiences last night, both in real life and RP-land, have had me thinking about alcohol, and getting drunk--or, more specifically (sort of), recreational inebriation. And as is my wont, lately, that got me thinking about...Transformers.

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And there it is! My vision of how giant robots from beyond the stars can booze it up! I'll mention here, in case it wasn't made clear in that mass of words above, that this is only my personal take on how energon intoxication works, and by no means anything, like. Official. Or even my delusion of official.

Man, I think about stuff like this waaaaay too much.
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